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ENGL 494. Blackbird Editorial Internship. 1-3 Hours.

Semester course; 1-3 field experience hours. 1-3 credits. May be repeated for a maximum total of six credits. Prerequisite: ENGL 201, ENGL 202, ENGL 203, ENGL 204, ENGL 205, ENGL 206, ENGL 211, ENGL 215, ENGL 236, ENGL 250, ENGL 291, ENGL 295 or NEXT 240. An internship in which students gain hands-on experience in literary editing and publishing through work on the internationally recognized journal, Blackbird. Students will apply writing or editing skills for the online literary magazine, Blackbird. This opportunity is open to students with demonstrated writing ability; completion of ENGL 304, 310, 388, 395, 489 or 491 is recommended. An application is required, and determination of credit and permission from the department must be established prior to registration for the course. No more than six credits in ENGL 494, ENGL 495 and/or ENGL 496 may be counted toward the degree.

Interdisciplinary career readiness skills, minor in

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