FIRE 451. Options, Futures and Swaps. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Prerequisite: FIRE 321 with a minimum grade of C or FIRE 317 with a minimum grade of C. This course is restricted to students who have completed at least 54 credit hours (junior standing). Analysis and valuation of speculative securities and markets, including options, futures and swaps, with emphasis on their use for hedging and speculative purposes. Major valuation models and term structure models are discussed with applications to problems in finance considered.

Finance, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Sciences in Finance prepares students with the knowledge and skills to analyze information and data to support effective financial decision-making; apply the fundamentals of finance, planning and budgeting to support businesses; and communicate financial analysis and conclusions in a manner which informs and improves quality of organizational and individual decision-making. Graduates of the program will be prepared for productive careers in a wide range of financial occupations including corporate financial management, financial planning and analysis, financial sales, business lending, credit analysis and management, treasury operations, commercial and investment banking, risk management, insurance sales, underwriting and claims management, securities analysis, investment management, and financial advisory functions.