This is the preliminary (or launch) version of the 2020-21 VCU Bulletin. This edition includes all programs and courses approved by the publication deadline; however we may receive notification of additional program approvals after the launch. The final edition and full PDF version will include these updates and will be available in August prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

INNO 651. Master's Project in Product Innovation I. 6 Hours.

Semester course; 2 lecture and 4 laboratory hours. 6 credits. Prerequisites: two of INNO 501, 502 and 503; and INNO 590 and 600. This capstone experience requires that an interdisciplinary team engage in various facets of a real product development initiative. The project may be company-sponsored or an approved student-originated effort. Applying arts, business and engineering skill sets gained from previous course work, students will identify a potential opportunity and conceive viable product concepts to be pursued across the three project stages of concept generation, concept development and refinement and concept finalization. The semester will culminate with each team producing a set of prototypes and initial business cases for preferable concepts, with at least one viable concept supported by a viable business case an expected class deliverable. Graded as S/U/F.