IPAS 601. Treatment of Addiction: Psychosocial Interventions. 4 Hours.

11-week online course; 4 credits. Open only to students in the International Program in Addiction Studies (Master of Science in Addiction Studies), graduate certificate program in addiction studies or with permission of the IPAS program director. Designed to explore the scientific basis and treatment of substance misuse from a psychological perspective germane to the management of drug, alcohol and nicotine dependence. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate the principles of different theoretical approaches underlying psychological assessment and evidence-based practice. Students will develop a critical awareness of the current literature related to psychological theories of addiction. Students will examine the use and comparative efficacy of different psychological therapies in clinical practice including brief interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing/MET. Other interventions (case management, group work, self-help, integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders, etc.) will also be examined along with the evidence base for relapse prevention, contingency management and therapeutic communities. Students will also have the opportunity to explore psychological approaches used with specialist populations such as young people and adolescents.