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PERI 739. Clinical Periodontics III. 5 Hours.

Yearlong course; clinical contact hours. 5 credits. The primary objective of the department is to provide an educational experience that will enable the dental student to meet the periodontal needs of present and future patients. These objectives necessitate student awareness of the biology of the periodontium and pathology of gingival and periodontal diseases; the ability to examine, diagnose and develop a treatment plan for the patient with significant periodontal disease; and an understanding of the implications of periodontal diagnosis and treatment on the oral and general health of the patient. The student should also be competent in plaque control, scaling, root planing and other procedures ordinarily included in presurgical phases of therapy. The student should be familiar with the entire scope of periodontal therapy, understanding the rationale and indications for surgical treatment and anticipated results.

Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)

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