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SEDP 656. Practicum B: Special Education in a Secondary Education Environment. 1 Hour.

Semester course; 1 practicum hour. 1 credit. Prerequisites: SEDP 531 and SEDP 533. Special education candidates will participate in 30 hours of supervised practicum activities within the public schools at the secondary level. The goal of this course is to provide special education candidates with real-world experience developing, implementing and monitoring progress of special education students within the general education environment. As part of the course, special education candidates will develop and implement an inclusive Universal Design for Learning unit plan within the academic (reading or mathematics) curriculum. The unit will include ties to the Virginia Standards of Learning, plan for collaboration with general education teachers, five traditional lesson plans, an online lesson, a unit assessment and an Individual Education Program using collaboration with parents, general education teachers and the student. Additionally, the special education candidate will reflect on the effectiveness of the unit plan for students with special needs or other at-risk students.