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SLWK 712. Social Work Planning and Administrative Practice I. 3 Hours.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Prerequisites: SLWK 693 and 694, or SLWK 695, or SLWK 612, each with minimum grade of C. Pre- or co-requisites: SLWK 711 and SLWK 714. Presents knowledge and skills for social work leadership in administering, developing and advocating social service policies and programs that are socially and economically just. Examines underlying assumptions, political, value and ethical considerations in social service planning. Presents knowledge of organizational theories and analyzes the political context of problem solving in the internal and external environments of organizations and programs. Focuses on community and organizational planning theories and models of intervention in assessing needs, analyzing problems, determining feasibility and identifying emergent dilemmas. Emphasizes development of critical thinking and self-awareness about role responsibilities and ethical positions for organizational and community leadership at local, state, national and international levels.