URSP 764. Thesis or Projects. 2-6 Hours.

Semester course; 2-6 thesis hours. 2-6 credits. May be repeated for a total of six credits. Prerequisites: URSP 760 and URSP 761. Enrollment requires permission of the instructor. The thesis is intended to demonstrate the ability of Master of Urban and Regional Planning students to make independent use of their training, research skills and creative abilities. It is an individual project in which the student selects a topic that merits additional research, becomes well-versed in the literature and research pertaining to that topic, devises and executes an appropriate research design to advance knowledge regarding that topic or problem, applies analytical skills to develop valid responses to the selected thesis questions, and interprets the implications of research findings for the field of urban and regional planning. The student is responsible for defining, organizing, conducting and presenting the research. Graded as S/U.

Urban and Regional Planning, Master of (M.U.R.P.)


...courses. Complete either a six-credit thesis ( URSP 764 ) or prepare a three-credit professional...