A minor in Islamic art history consists of 18 credits, which must include:

ARTF 115Art History Survey3
or ARTF 116 Art History Survey
ARTH 260Islamic Art Survey3
ARTH 261Islamic Art Survey3
Select nine credits from any ARTH course at the 300 or 400 level that is open to non-majors 19
Total Hours18

Use the courses tab above to access a link to a list of all ARTH courses.

Only courses in which a student earns a minimum grade of C may be applied to the minor. A student may apply for the art history minor after successful completion of ARTF 115 or ARTF 116.

Students who have completed at least six credits of the 300-level courses required in the minor may be allowed into ARTH 465 or ARTH 466 with the permission of the department.

Note: This minor is offered only to students on the VCUQatar Campus.