Students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Physics program may elect to take graduate courses that will count toward the Master of Science in Physics and Applied Physics degree. Up to six hours of graduate credit may be earned in this way without any special provision. In order to offer more than six hours of pre-admission graduate credit toward the graduate degree, a student must apply to the physics department graduate admission committee for admission to the accelerated B.S.-M.S. program. Persons applying for admission to this program should (1) submit a curricular plan for completing the bachelor’s degree within two years or its part-time equivalent; (2) indicate which graduate courses they intend to offer toward the physics master’s degree; (3) have a minimum B average.

The M.S. degree completion form should be accompanied by a memo from the Department of Physics graduate admission committee to indicate which graduate courses were taken under the accelerated B.S.-M.S. program. See the program page in the Graduate Bulletin for additional information.