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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

College of EngineeringMasters
Master of Science

Part Time30 min credit hours

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The mission of the M.S. in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering degree is to provide graduate students with learning opportunities for acquiring a broad foundation of engineering knowledge including business and manufacturing aspects; an in-depth research experience at the frontiers of engineering; and skills for lifelong learning and professional development. Graduates of this program will pursue careers in business/industry and government, or will pursue doctoral degrees.

  1. Advanced technical skills: To produce graduates who possess the necessary advanced analytical and technical skills in engineering and sciences – responds directly to the higher goals of fulfilling the needs of industry for effective, productive engineers and of providing economic development for the region, state and nation
  2. Communication: To produce graduates who possess a facility with both written and oral communications – emanates from the requirement that engineers must be able to interact and share ideas with others in the work environment, and at a higher level, be capable of creative self-expression and leadership
  3. Advanced problem-solving: To produce graduates who demonstrate creativity and innovation in solving technological problems – stems from the realization that new knowledge and new solutions to existing problems are necessary to meet the needs of our changing society and to advance the quality of human life


Student learning outcomes

  1. Apply advanced knowledge of mathematics, science or engineering: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to apply advanced knowledge of mathematics, science or engineering.
  2. Communicate effectively: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively.
  3. Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems: Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
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