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VCU Report on Protected Speech Policies

VCU Report on Protected Speech Policies 

Introduction: Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to creating an environment that fosters the exercise of protected speech and other expressive activity on university property while maintaining an atmosphere free of disruption to the mission of the university. It recognizes that the free expression of ideas and open inquiry are essential in fulfilling its academic mission by embracing rigorous open discourse, argumentation, speaking, listening, learning and the exploration of ideas. In support of maintaining such an environment VCU incorporates and employs several policies and practices that protect free speech in compliance with Va. Code § 23.1-401.1. 

1. Section 1 (Institutional Policies): 

These policies and related materials include the following: 

2. Policy Certification: 

The Division of Student Affairs has developed materials and instruments to notify personnel responsible for the enforcement of our policies.

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