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Ethics and Compliance Program

Ethics and Compliance Program

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What is the University Ethics and Compliance Program?

The VCU Ethics and Compliance program is the collective efforts of all the various schools and business units exercising due diligence in order to prevent and detect misconduct.

The program is designed to promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and compliance with the law, regulations, university policies and our core values without disrupting the autonomous and successful operations of individual areas.


Numerous constituencies (ranging from funding agencies to the Board of Visitors, parents, students, alumni and the general public) are increasingly expecting the university to have an effective program and the frameworks in place to ensure VCU is aware of all its obligations and strives to meet them. The failure to have a program in place can expose the university to risks, liabilities and reputational damage that likely could have been avoided.

See the Design and Effectiveness Review Findings Report - an external assessment of the university's ethics and compliance program.

Compliance is not primarily about policing behavior, it is about:

  1. Understanding which requirements apply to each decision or action

  2. Making sure we meet or exceed these expectations

  3. Confirming our actions are guided by VCU’s Mission and Ethical Standards

What do you get for this devotion of resources?

See Benefits of an Ethics and Compliance Program for specifics.

How does the Integrity and Compliance Office support the program?

The ICO serves as an additional point of contact for ethics and compliance inquiries and concerns— particularly issues of universitywide significance or impact— by supplementing and complementing the subject-based compliance expertise each school or business unit possesses. Specifically, this office:

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VCU employees continually demonstrate commitment to integrity and compliance. Please take a moment to recognize your colleagues by sharing a positive story of an employee’s dedication to the VCU Code of Conduct.
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