Integrity and
Compliance Office

Ethics and Compliance Program

Employee misconduct

Misconduct means failing to meet VCU expectations (compliance with all laws, regulations and policies) whether intentional or inadvertent.

Misconduct typically occurs when good employees make poor decisions, sometimes with the best intentions. Misconduct is usually the result of lack of knowledge; negligence; poor training; inadequate supervision; non-existent or inconsistent internal procedures; or a failure to consider consequences of words or actions. When this happens, it is important that the misconduct is reported to a supervisor or other appropriate party (outlined in the Duty to Report and Protection from Retaliation policy) so that the matter may be resolved as quickly as possible.

When misconduct goes unreported or ignored, it negatively impacts the university and its members and may develop into a larger issue with unforeseen consequences. Accordingly, we are all responsible for safeguarding the collective reputations of the university and its employees by notifying management of suspected or actual misconduct, which includes:

Management has a special duty to recognize and report misconduct—without unreasonable delay. The Integrity and Compliance Office is available to all employees for guidance and support as needed.

Click here for more information on reporting misconduct and VCU’s Duty to Report and Protection from Retaliation policy.

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