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VCU’s Office for Research and Innovation’s Integrity and Compliance function oversees the university’s commitment to conducting research ethically and in accordance with all laws, regulations, VCU policies and core values. The Office of Research and Innovation posts compliance notices for the administration of research; administers the clinical research compliance program and the export controls program. All reported concerns are protected from retaliation by Federal Whistleblower Protection regulations and also by VCU’s Duty to Report and Protection from Retaliation policy.

The Office of Research Integrity and Ethics serves this mission as a research ethics, conflicts of interest, and compliance resource for the research enterprise at VCU. Additionally, the Office of Research Integrity and Ethics receives and investigates allegations of research misconduct.

The Office of Research and Innovation developed the VCU Research Compliance Matrix for a comprehensive source of information about policies, education and training, forms and more to facilitate the responsible conduct of research.

The VCU Innovation Gateway supports university research by fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. The office serves to protect and commercialize VCU inventions and creations.

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