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On-campus emergency: 828-1234
Off-campus emergency: 911

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Types of alerts

VCU uses a variety of communication methods to alert the campus community about emergency situations and safety threats.


These small yellow devices are strategically installed in classrooms, residence halls and other high-traffic areas throughout campus. They are designed to provide an auditory and visual alert when a threat has occurred or is imminent.

Much like text messages, a protective action statement will scroll on the screen during a threatening event.

Desktop Alerts

The majority of VCU supported computers (and many “Mac” products) now support full screen notification on computer workstations in offices, laboratories, classrooms, and study spaces. These messages will contain protective action statements related to the event.

Digital signage

Digital signage includes large television monitors located in high-travel areas throughout campus such as major academic buildings, the University Student Commons and all residential housing facilities on both campuses. During an emergency, these devices will display emergency warning information, with additional information available at


LiveSafe is a free app for iOS and Android smart phone devices. Once users download the app and choose VCU as their school, they will receive broadcast messages for emergencies. (LiveSafe users can use the app to send in tips to VCU Police 24/7, including photo and video files.)

Mass email

During an emergency, all VCU email account holders will receive an email containing the safety recommendations related to the event.

Outdoor sirens

In a real emergency, sirens on the Monroe Park Campus, MCV Campus, and/or VCU Police headquarters will sound for four minutes to signal that an immediate, life-threatening emergency has occurred or may be imminent. The purpose of the siren system is to alert people outside of campus buildings to immediately seek secure shelter and to receive additional information via other VCU Alerting technologies. No all-clear siren is used.

Social media

Alerting information will be posted to the @VCU Twitter account and the VCU Facebook page.

Text messages

All students are given the opportunity to enroll in the text messaging system to receive emergency alerts. Other community members may manually register to receive notifications. These messages are short, protective action statements that contain a link to, where additional information will be located.

The majority of these text alerts are about crimes that occur off campus, but because many students, faculty and staff live in these neighborhoods, VCU feels it is important to inform the community of existing threats so that proper safety measures can be taken.

Current status

VCU and the VCU Medical Center are operating on a regular academic and work schedule.

Emergency numbers

On-campus emergency

(804) 828-1234

At VCU safety is everyone’s responsibility

Off-campus emergency


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