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On-campus emergency: 828-1234
Off-campus emergency: 911

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Stay safe

While Virginia Commonwealth University has committed significant resources to ensuring the campus is as safe and prepared as possible for issues that may impact or interrupt the VCU experience, it is extremely valuable for all members of the VCU community to consider what steps they can take to personally prepare for emergencies and improve their personal safety by reducing risk.

For each and every hazard, there are three steps that can be taken to be personally prepared: make an emergency plan, have an emergency kit and stay informed. This ensures you have some basic food, water and supplies as well as the knowledge about how to respond to the event and where to go. The following sections describe specific considerations for identified hazards.

Current status

VCU and the VCU Medical Center are operating on a regular academic and work schedule.

Emergency numbers

On-campus emergency

(804) 828-1234

At VCU safety is everyone’s responsibility

Off-campus emergency


Stay Safe [View Image]

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