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Building Automated Workflows with Google Apps Script


In every office or on every team, there are processes that are predictable and easy to repeat, but still must get done for everyone to be successful. Using Google Apps Script, we can automate some of those tasks in G Suite services. The possibilities here are only limited by the extensive tool set Google and G Suite provide and your ability to express that problem’s solution in a way it can be automated.

Here are just a few of the examples we’ve worked on recently:

  • Scrape data from a Google calendar daily, populate our data on appointments to a spreadsheet which automatically generates a report of how time is being spent
  • Generate styled Google Docs or PDFs from Google Form submissions and share them with other people
  • Create multi-step approval workflows using Google Forms, Google Sheets, and custom menu items and functions

This session will provide a gentle introduction to coding in Google Apps Script, a dialect in JavaScript. While experience is always helpful, we will treat this as a workshop for absolute beginners. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop so they can code along during the workshop.

If you have a particularly interesting idea for a workflow to automate, bring your ideas to share with the group.


Faculty or staff interested in automating a manual workflow for G Suite tools like Docs, Drive, Sheets, or Forms

Learning Outcomes

  • write a function in Google Apps Script that takes a form response, and sends an email
  • set triggers on your Apps Script project in the code editor
  • access Google documentation to build more advanced functions

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