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Data Visualization & Infographics


Beginning with a discussion of early examples of data visualization in practice, we’ll talk about the process behind creating compelling and truthful data visualizations. This presentation will draw heavily on popular examples to illustrate both key concepts of the art/science of data visualizations and the differences between the various media that contain the visualizations themselves, including what limitations they offer. To better prepare you to produce your own data visualizations, we will do a few quick demos of tools across the spectrum of complexity that can help you create compelling and engaging visuals.


Faculty interested in crafting their own data-driven narratives, or faculty interested in having students create data visualizations

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between examples of data visualization and infographics
  • Describe how the visualization process can be influenced by the author's conscious or unconscious choices
  • Identify several places to get media that can be used in the construction of data visualizations.
  • Identify several tools to help create visualizations for different purposes

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