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Getting Your Feet Wet with Open Educational Resources


Using OER doesn’t need to mean giving up your textbook. You can use OER to augment, to extend, or to offer alternatives in targeted places. Is there one concept students always struggle with? Do some of your students need an alternative option? OER offers that possibility to students at no cost. In this workshop we’ll help you get a feel for what’s out there, how to find relevant materials quickly and effectively, and how to organize that material so you can find it when you need to use it.


Faculty who are interested in understanding more about OER and practical ways to begin using OER in their classes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify three or more OER communities useful to your discipline
  • Find OER in multiple media types to address a particular learning objective in your discipline
  • Identify at least one tool to assist in creating your own OER media

VCU Resources

External Resources

  • Merlot - Curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers.
  • PhET - Interactive science simulations
  • QUBES - QUBES is a community of math and biology educators who share resources and methods for preparing students to tackle real, complex, biological problems
  • Knight Lab - A number of tools for the creation of quality journalism, storytelling and content on the internet
  • Open Stax - A communal open source textbook community through Rice University

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