Michael Hindle, Ph.D.
Peter R. Byron Distinguished Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics
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  •   Smith Building, Room 442
  • School of Pharmacy - Dept of Pharmaceutics
    410 N 12th Street
    P.O. Box 980533
    Richmond, VA 23298-0533
  •  (804) 828-6497
    (804) 828-8359


  • Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Bradford in U.K., 1992)
  • B.S., Pharmacy (University of Bradford in U.K., 1989)

Post-Graduate Training

  • Post Doctoral Fellow - Pharmaceutics (Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1994)

Professional Experience

  • 1995-1996. Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bradford, Bradford, U.K.
  • (1997 - 2016) Research Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • (2016 - Present) Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Interests

  • Novel aerosol drug delivery devices
  • In vitro particle size analysis
  • Aerosol characterization and inhaler design


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Books/Book Chapters

  • Hindle M: “Aerosol Drug Delivery”. In: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook (Eds Gad SC). John Wiley and Sons Inc., Hoboken, NJ, ISBN: 978-0-471-21391-8, pp 683-728, 2008.


  • Hindle, M and Cox, K.A., “Liquid aerosol formulations containing insulin and aerosol generating devices and methods for generating insulin aerosols”, US Patent # 7,683,029. Issued 2010.
  • Byron PR, Hindle M: “Method and Apparatus for Generating an Aerosol”, US Patent # 7,128,067 B2 Issued 2006.
  • Hindle M, Byron PR and Gupta R: “Method for generating an aerosol with a predetermined and/or substantially monodispersed particle size distribution,” United States Patent 6,883,516, 2005.
  • Longest PW and Hindle M “Delivery of Submicrometer and Nanometer Aerosols to the Lungs Using Hygroscopic Excipients or Dual Stream Nasal Delivery”. US Patent # 9,433,588. Issued 2016
  • Longest PW, Xi J, and Hindle M. “Effective delivery of nanoparticle and micrometer sized pharmaceutical aerosols to the lung through enhanced condensational growth". US Patent # 8,479,728. Issued 2013

Recent Publications

  • Longest PW, Rygg A, Hindle M: Bioequivalence Testing: Can Systemic Pharmacokinetic Profiles from Corticosteroid Nasal Sprays Be Used to Elucidate Local Drug Deposition within the Nose? Respiratory Drug Delivery 2016. 1: 175-184.
  • Rygg A, Hindle M, Longest PW: Absorption and Clearance of Pharmaceutical Aerosols in the Human Nose: Effects of Nasal Spray Suspension Particle Size and Properties. Pharm Res. 2016;33(4):909-21.
  • Longest PW, Tian G, Khajeh-Hosseini-Dalasm N, and Hindle M: Validating Whole-Airway CFD Predictions of DPI Aerosol Deposition at Multiple Flow Rates. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2016; doi:10.1089/jamp.2015.1281.
  • Rygg A, Hindle M, Longest PW: Linking Suspension Nasal Spray Drug Deposition Patterns to Pharmacokinetic Profiles: A Proof-of-Concept Study Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. J Pharm Sci. 2016;105(6):1995-2004.
  • Azimi M, Longest P, Hindle M: “Towards Clinically Relevant In Vitro Testing of Locally Acting Nasal Spray Suspension Products”, RDD Europe 2015. 1: 121-130, 2015.
  • Longest PW, Golshahi L, Behara SR, Tian G, Farkas DR, and Hindle M: Efficient Nose-to-Lung (N2L) Aerosol Delivery with a Dry Powder Inhaler. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2015;28:189-201.
  • Holbrook L, Hindle M, and Longest PW: Generating charged pharmaceutical Aerosols intended to improve targeted drug delivery in ventilated Infants. J. Aerosol Sci. 2015;88:35-47.
  • Golshahi L, Longest PW, Holbrook L, Snead J, and Hindle M: Production of Highly Charged Pharmaceutical Aerosols Using a New Aerosol Induction Charger. Pharm Res. 2015;32(9):3007-3017.
  • Farkas DR, Hindle M, and Longest PW: Characterization of a New High-Dose Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) Based on a Fluidized Bed Design. Ann Biomed Eng. 2015;43(11):2804-2815.
  • Walenga RL, Tian G, Hindle M, Yelverton J, Dodson K, and Longest PW: Variability in Nose-to-Lung Aerosol Delivery. J Aerosol Sci. 2014;78:11-29.
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