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Kinetic Imaging MFA

Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in kinetic imaging

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About the Program

The Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts with a concentration in kinetic imaging expands the field of video art, experimental animation, sound art and emerging media through the production of works of art that explore the artist’s relationship to culture and society. Potential works will include media projects that take such forms as the poem, the essay, the video sculpture and the installation, and that embrace both narrative and experimental approaches. The program is small and selective, designed to support four to eight graduate students.

In a world that increasingly uses moving images and sounds to communicate information, influence opinion and push the boundaries of popular entertainment, our program will enable you to produce creative works that contribute to and challenge the rapidly evolving dialogue in media arts. It is expected that you will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to extend the practice of video, animation and sonic arts into your connections with contemporary issues in visual culture
  • Build an awareness of contemporary and historical definitions of art that will influence your creative work
  • Develop and implement professional practices
  • Take full advantage of the program’s resources
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