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Meet our MFA students

Jared Duesterhaus [View Image]

Jared Duesterhaus

Jared uses animation and video collage to create work about interpersonal relationships and isolation. Mixing the languages of descriptive and diagrammatical, his work shifts between the form and its index. Jared received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas State University. He currently lives and works in Richmond, VA.

Watch some of Jared’s video work

yonghun-jung [View Image]

Yonghun Jung

I am Yonghun Jung, and I am from South Korea. Before working in video and sound art, I focused on studying ceramics, however, once I experienced the dynamic motion and numerous color changes of video and electroacoustic sound, I became deeply interested in new media. Eventually, I realized that I did not want to work only in ceramics, but wanted to use ceramics as a collaborative element with video and sound installation. I now hope to discover other mediums to work along with my video and sound installation and research other methods of creating video and sound art.

chair illustration [View Image]

Martha Glenn

Martha’s video work engages with meaning and signification through anachronism – the misplacing of an object in time – and abstracts moving images with the use of anecdote and a sense of humor. She is interested in how anachronistic storytelling can reveal the ways in which memory operates as a sequence of associations, and what ensues when we use video to disrupt mnemonic chronology.

Brook Vann

Brook uses sculpture, sound installation, and video installation to make work about multiplicity and transcription via form and material. Her experience as a triplet motivates the examination of imitation and the opposite through these relations and beyond. She is striving to learn more about such through listening and thinking about space with special audio techniques.

eric millikin [View Image]

Eric Millikin

Eric Millikin is a conceptual activist artist previously based in Detroit. Eric uses techniques like artificial intelligence, biological art, interactive video projection, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, occult experiments, and dark humor to address topics like economic injustice, police brutality and species extinction. He uses both pop and conceptual strategies to create artwork that is both accessible as well as intellectual. Eric brings a wide range of experiences to his work, including as a human anatomy lab technician, a theatrical sound and lighting designer, a news media art director, and a descendant of Salem witches.

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