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COVID-19 UPDATES: Spring Semester Information

GOlab Resources for Faculty

You can come to us…

We want our faculty and students to feel comfortable in our facility, so we offer tours by appointment to describe our operation and a full tour of all of our equipment.

In-class Demos and Equipment Usage
Sometimes it’s great to have a hands-on demonstration of how to do a technique. We offer in-class demos of all of our equipment by appointment. It is best to conduct these in smaller groups to ensure everyone can see, so large classes should be prepared to break up. We recommend groups of five or less.

Or we can come to you!

Workshops on Technique
We’re happy to send some of our best trained staff to you for techniques that require more on-site help. Make an appointment to have us come do a brief workshop on topics from vinyl installation to file preparation.

Online Tutorials
At any time, you can show your students how to use some of our equipment. We have a few tutorial videos available for our community, and more are in the making.

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