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Student Spotlight Stories: Thea Cheuk

Thea Cheuk was drawn towards the department of Communication Arts because of their interests in illustration and storytelling. They saw a wide variety of commercial art, like animation and children’s books, that other departments didn’t offer, and was attracted to the tradition of telling your own narrative with your own voice. Opportunities such as receiving a mentor like Professor Chris Irving, who they bonded with over comics, helped them receive a grant and internship with DC and Marvel. They appreciated their professors’ passion and knowledge about art, but are most thankful for their passion in helping students reach their full potential. Since their entrance into the department, Thea has grown as a person and artist. They believe the Comm Arts community builds good friends that create a strong bond through shared assignments and mutual support of one another’s goals. Thea graduated in 2020 and is now working as an assistant editor for the comic book publisher AWA Studios. They hope to continue learning and growing in the comics industry for many years to come.  [View Image]Untitled [View Image]Untitled

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