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Faculty and Staff Directory


MK Abadoo

Assistant Professor Dance + Choreography Core Member, iCubed, the Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry & Innovation

Magdalena Adamek

Assistant Professor of Collaborative Piano

Stephen Alcorn

Associate Professor

Kelly Alder

Adjunct Professor

Justin Alexander

Assistant Professor of Music Director of Percussion Studies

Lucas Alexander

RVA Street Singers Assistant

Holly Alford

Director of Inclusion and Equity

Thurmond Alford

Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design

Kelly Ali

Adjunct Professor of Double Bass

Angela Allen

Director of the Commonwealth Society

Collin Aloi

Choral Assistant

John Altonen

Information Technology Support Analyst

Kikau Alvaro

Assistant Professor Head of Musical Theatre Department of Theatre

Michelle Anderson

Administrative Coordinator Department of Theatre

Aaron D. Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Chair Director of Undergraduate Studies Affiliate Faculty at the VCU Schools of Medicine and Business Department of Theatre

Diana Antohe

Adjunct Professor

Elissa Armstrong

Assistant Professor in the School of the Arts

Steve Ashby

Adjunct Professor

Adam Atkinson

Adjunct Faculty - Metals

Terry Austin

Interim Department Chair Instrumental Music Education Professor


Peter Baldes

Associate Professor

Monica Banks

Program Coordinator

Taylor Barnett

Coordinator of Musicianship Studies Instructor of Jazz Trumpet, Jazz Improvisation and Jazz History

Brian Barr

Adjunct Instructor Art Foundation

Karmalita Bawar

Financial/HR Assistant

Cara Benedetto

Assistant Professor

Amir Berbić

Professor, Graphic Design Dean of VCUarts Qatar

Virginia Bertholet

Independent Producer, Adjunct Professor

Becca Blader

Assistant Director of Development

Curt Blankenship

Concert Hall and Facilities Manager

Charles Bleick

Associate Professor Emeritus

Sara Bouchard

Adjunct Instructor

Mark Boulos

Assistant Professor

Bonnie Brady

Assistant Professor Head of Stage Management Production Supervisor Department of Theatre

Scott Braun

Assistant Professor - Wood

Rellie Brewer

Program Coordinator

Shawn Brixey

Professor Affiliate Professor College of Engineering

Patricia Brown

Department Chair Associate Professor

Chelsea Brtis

Adjunct Instructor

Jordan Bruner

Adjunct Instructor

Andrew Bryce

Adjunct Faculty Department of Theatre

Melanie Buffington

In Memoriam Associate Professor

Thomas Burkett

Adjunct Instructor Art Foundation Program

Nia Burks

Adjunct Professor

Elizabeth Byland

Head of Improv Performance Head of Applied Improv Affiliate Faculty at the VCU School of Medicine Department of Theatre


Danny Caporaletti

MFA, Adjunct Professor

Kristin Carleton

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

Julia Carr

Senior Director of Development

Emily Cartusciello

Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design

Kristin Caskey

Associate Professor

Taryn Cassella

Adjunct Instructor Art Foundation Program

Kim Catley

Associate Director, Print and Digital Content

Kathleen Chapman

Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies

Anne Chapman

CSA, Industry Professional, Casting Director

Matthew Charboneau

Design Technology and Program Coordinator

Shanika Chattar

Administrative Assistant

Caitlin Cherry

Assistant Professor

Laura Chessin

Associate Professor

Vivian Chiu

Adjunct Faculty - Wood

WonJung Choi

Adjunct Instructor Art Foundation Program

Melanie Christian

Executive Assistant to the Dean

A. Blair Clemo

Assistant Professor - Clay

Chris Costello

Administrative Coordinator

Philip Duane Coston

Associate Director of Bands

Carolyn Cox

Lighting Designer and Stage Manager

Jared Crane

Adjunct Professor

Donald Crow

Adjunct Professor

Emily Culver

Adjunct Faculty - Metals


Anthony D’Angelo

Woodshop Technician Assistant

Jeff Darland

Adjunct Faculty - Improv and Movement Department of Theatre

Melanie Kohn Day

Director of VCU Opera Associate Professor

Christine DeSantis Hoffman

Adjunct Professor of Music Education

John Dixon

Adjunct Professor

Michael Dixon

Adjunct Professor of Music History

Cynthia Donnell

Associate Professor of Voice and Lyric Diction

Scott Dossick

Information Technology Support Analyst

Anne Marie Dumain

Communications Coordinator

Tabatha Dunlap

Grants and Financial Analyst


Tabatha Easley

Associate Professor of Flute

Caroline Eddy

Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design

Mary Eisendrath

Interim Department Chair Assistant Professor

Amber Ekizoglu

Front Desk Assistant

TyRuben Ellingson

Chair, Communication Arts Program Director/Professor (Cinema)

Ryan Ellington

Director of Human Resources

Art Eng

Industry Professional, Director of Photography

Michael Ess

Adjunct Professor of Music History

Mike Ess

Adjunct Professor of Jazz Guitar, Small Jazz Ensemble

Michael Etto

Administrative Director

Matt Evans

Adjunct Professor of Saxophone


Sarah Faris

Associate Professor

Hillary Waters Fayle

Assistant Professor - Fiber

Leilani Fenick

Adjunct Professor of Keyboard Skills

Sara Ferguson

Assistant Professor Interim Administrative Director Interim Associate Program

Maggie Flanigan

Administrative Coordinator

Jeff Foster

Interim Associate Director of the Center for the Creative Economy and the Advanced Media Production Technology Program (AMPT)

Koshie France

Financial Specialist

Erin Freeman

Director of Choral Activities Assistant Professor

John D. Freyer

Associate Professor Cross Disciplinary Media Pronouns: he, him, his

Lisa Fusco

Conductor of Vox Concordia


Jessica Gaines

Administrative Coordinator

Susie Ganch

Associate Professor - Metals

Eric Garberson

Associate Professor Affiliated Faculty

Antonio García

Director of Jazz Studies Instructor of Trombone, Small Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Theory, and Music Industry Director of Jazz Orchestra I

Traci Garland

Adjunct Instructor

Erin Garmezy

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Evan Garza

Adjunct Graduate Instructor

Patrick Gegen

Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design

Joseph Gindhart

Woodshop Technician Assistant

Hope Ginsburg

Associate Professor

Julian Kevon Glover

Assistant Professor, Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation Core Member, LGBTQIA iCubed Visiting Scholar

Sandy Goldie

Director of Music Education, String Music Education Viola Associate Professor

Ashley Grantham

Adjunct Faculty - Acting, Playwriting, Voice & Speech Department of Theatre

Anne Graves

Director of Student Services

Michelle Harman Gulick

Adjunct Professor of Voice

Kimberly Guthrie

Associate Chair Assistant Professor


Jason Hackett

Assistant Professor Studio Manager

Thomas Hairston

Adjunct Professor of Music

Thomi Hairston

Adjunct Professor of Music History

Bruce Hammel

Associate Professor of Music Theory and Bassoon Coordinator of Winds, Brass and Percussion

Wells Hanley

Adjunct Professor of Jazz Piano, Small Jazz Ensemble

Charlie Harris

Industry Professional, G&E Specialist

Danielle Hartman

Adjunct Faculty Department of Theatre

John Hendershot

Director of Academic Advising

Morgan Herrin

Woodshop Coordinator Instructor

Ben Herzick

Admissions Coordinator

Corin Hewitt

Associate Professor Graduate Director

Lexy Holcombe

Assistant Professor

Steven Hoskins

Associate Professor

Jeff Hudson

Adjunct Professor of Tuba

Erica Hughes

Adjunct Faculty - Voice and Speech Department of Theatre

Dean Hurley

Industry Professional, Sound Designer


Adaugo Ibe

Front Desk Assistant

Teresa Ilnicki

Senior Associate Director of Communications

Andrew Ilnicki

Director of Strategic Technology


Vanessa Jackson

Adjunct Faculty - Speech Department of Theatre School of Business

Roberto Jamora

Admissions Processor

Ryan Jarrard

Database & Server Administrator

Ronika Jarratt

Administrative Coordinator

Jarvis Jefferson

Assistant Professor Visiting Artist

Ron Johnson

Assistant Professor

Linda Johnston

Administrative Director

Tyla Jones

Front Desk Assistant

Michael Jones

Adjunct Instructor

Sara Jones

Academic Advisor

Christopher Jones

Associate Director of Web Content and Strategy

Dorian Cohen

Adjunct Professor


Bob Kaputof

Associate Professor

Lacin Kartari

Adjunct Professor of Music

Katie Kehoe

Adjunct Professor

Kathleen Kennedy

Metals Area Coordinator Adjunct Faculty - Metals

Kelly Kerr

Director of Events

Nicole Killian

Assistant Professor

Jonghak Kim

Adjunct Professor of Music

Jamie King

Assistant Administrative Coordinator

Keith Byron Kirk

Director of Graduate Studies Assistant Professor Department of Theatre

Susanna Klein

Area Coordinator of Strings Associate Professor of Music

Kyle Kogut

Adjunct Professor

Karen Kopryanski

Assistant Professor Head of Voice and Speech Head of Undergraduate Performance Department of Theatre

J.C. Kuhl

Adjunct Professor of Jazz Saxophone


Happy Mahaney

Adjunct Faculty - Acting Department of Theatre

Jamie Mahoney

Assistant Professor

Chris Mahonski

Instructor, Digital Fabrication Technician

Kevin Maloney

Adjunct Professor of Trumpet

Colleen Marino

Admissions Counselor

Lea Marshall

Associate Chair and Producer, Dance + Choreography Interim Director, Arts Research Institute

Amy Marshman

Adjunct Instructor

Tony Martucci

Adjunct Professor of Jazz Drum Set, Small Jazz Ensemble

Orla Mc Hardy

Associate Professor Graduate Program Director

Dana McComb

Adjunct Professor of Cello

Bonnie McCoy

Administrative Director Assistant Professor Department of Theatre

Shaun McCracken

Assistant Professor Academic Advisor Department of Theatre

Kevin McGranahan

Scene Shop Foreman and Facilities Manager Department of Theatre

Alyssa McKeithen

Adjunct Professor, Music History and Oboe

Roy McKelvey

Associate Professor

Mary Metzger

VCUarts Dean's Office Coordinator

Sarah Midkiff

Academic Advisor Adjunct Assistant Professor

Sarah Moore

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator Department of Theatre

Holly Morrison

Associate Professor

Kori Mosley

Adjunct Instructor

Nikita Moyer

Administrative Coordinator Production Coordinator

Jackie Mullins

Academic Advisor Assistant Professor Supervisor of the Fashion Department's Study Collection of Historic Garments

Cynthia Myron

Assistant Chair Assistant Professor

Daniel Myssyk

Director of Orchestral Activities Professor of Music


Dr. Jesse Njus

Adjunct Faculty - Theatre History Department of Theatre

A. Christopher Norris

Student Coordinator Assistant Professor


Sharon Ott

Department Chair/Artistic Director Associate Professor Department of Theatre


Bob Paris

Associate Professor

Linda Pasquarell

Music Education Program Assistant

Ryan Patton

Associate Professor Undergraduate Program Director

John Patykula

Assistant Chair Coordinator of Guitar Associate Professor

Tabatha Peters

Associate Professor

Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Ph.D.

Professor - Graduate Pedagogy, Acting and Directing Department of Theatre

Carolyn Phinizy

Assistant Chair Assistant Professor

Trebien Pollard

Assistant Professor

Melyatta Powers

Director of Finance

Scott Putman

Associate Professor


Kendra Rai

Assistant Professor - Costume Design Department of Theatre

Chris Raintree

Interim Assistant Professor Head of Scenic Design Department of Theatre

Jon Rajkovich

Adjunct Instructor

Mary Beth Reed

Associate Professor

Justin James Reed

Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor

Elaine Reeder

Adjunct Professor

Kristi Reynolds

Adjunct Professor of Keyboard

Rex Richardson

Professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies

Robin Rio

Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy, RVA Street Singers

Eric Rivera

Assistant Professor

Catherine Roach

Associate Professor

David Robinson

Adjunct Professor of Guitar

Shelley Roden

Affiliate Faculty Instructor

Josh Rodenberg

Equipment and Operations Manager Instructor

Taylor Roesch

Industry Professional, Adjunct Professor

Michael Royce

Adjunct Professor

Paul Rucker

Curator for Creative Collaboration

Neno Russell

Associate Professor Head of Design and Technology Speech Communication Coordinator Department of Theatre

Semi Ryu

Associate Professor, Department of Kinetic Imaging Joint Appointed Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine


Hannah Sahr

Computer Lab Assistant

b0b Sandkam

Information Technology Support Analyst

Stephen Schmidt

Adjunct Professor of Viola Artistic Director, Mary Anne Rennolds Chamber Concerts Series

Cassandra Schoner

Information Technology Support Analyst

Kimberly Seagraves

Financial Specialist Scholarship Coordinator

Wes Seals

Interim Assistant Professor, Acting Department of Theatre

Michael Shaffer

Adjunct Instructor

Earl Shaffer

Associate Conductor - GRYWE Band

Molly Sharp

Adjunct Professor of Viola

Stacey Sharpe

Music Student Assistant

Ying-Fang Shen

Associate Professor

David Shields

Department Chair Associate Professor

Rebecca Shields

Adjunct Instructor

Kate Sicchio

Assistant Professor of Dance and Media Technologies

Suzanne A. Silitch

Executive Director for Strategic Communications

Noah Simblist

Department Chair Associate Professor

Patrick Smith

Interim Assistant Chair Coordinator of Music History Associate Professor of French Horn and Music History

Emily Smith

Assistant Professor

James Smith-Parham

Adjunct Professor of Voice

Preston Spence

Technical Director Department of Theatre

Judith Steel

Associate Professor

Hawa Stwodah

Assistant Professor

Jody Symula

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Art Foundation Program Lead


Wesley Taylor

Assistant Professor Professor

Nathan Tersteeg

Academic Advisor Adjunct Instructor

Tasia Thompson

Human Resources Administrator

Willis Thompson

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Colleen Potter Thorburn

Adjunct Professor, Music Theory and Harp

Lauren Thorson

Assistant Professor

Stephanie R Thulin

Assistant Chair Associate Professor

David Emerson Toney

Assistant Professor - Acting, Directing, and Playwriting Department of Theatre

David Toussaint

Adjunct Professor of Guitar

Kimberly Turner

Adjunct Instructor

Pamela Turner

Associate Professor

J.M. Tyree

Associate Program Director M.Phil Distinguished Visiting Professor


Tiffany Valvo

Assistant Professor of Clarinet

Roberto Ventura

Interim Department Chair Associate Professor

Karen Videtic

Professor Emeritus

Stephen Vitiello

Department Chair Professor

Sonia Vlahcevic

Professor of Piano and Music Analysis


Bryan Wade

Adjunct Professor of Voice, Musical Theatre

Matthew Wagner

Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design

Eileen Walsh

Adjunct Instructor

Andrew Walsh-Lister

Visiting Designer / Designer-in-Residence

Sarah Kate Walston

Adjunct Professor of Voice

Ross Walter

Associate Professor of Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba

Sasha Waters Freyer

Professor of Photography + Film

Tamara Watkins

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Jack Wax

Professor - Glass and Director of Graduate Studies

Kia Weatherspoon

Adjunct Instructor of Interior Design

Yiwen Wei

Assistant Professor

Charles Westfall

Curator of Student Exhibitions and Programs

Sandy Wheeler

Associate Professor

Toby Whitaker

Conductor of Jazz Orchestra II, Small Jazz Ensemble

Hilary Wilder

Associate Professor

BJ Wilkinson

Adjunct Faculty Head of Lighting Design Department of Theatre

Virginia Willis

Music Student Assistant

Dominic Willsdon

Associate Professor of Art Education and Executive Director of the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU

Emily Winthrop

Adjunct Instructor

Kathryn Wirtz

Communications Coordinator

James Wiznerowicz

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Tobias Wofford

Assistant Professor

Courtnie Wolfgang

Assistant Professor Graduate Program Director

Kenneth Wood

Coordinator of Voice Co-Directory of VCU Opera Assistant Professor of Voice and Voice pedagogy

Margaret Woods

Adjunct Professor of Voice

Matt Woolman

Executive Director, Center for the Creative Economy Professor, Department of Graphic Design

Emily Wyman

Adjunct Professor


Robin Moore Yohe

Adjunct Professor of Music Education

Bohyun Yoon

Associate Professor - Glass

Bunt Young

Industry Professional, Director of Photography


Yin Zheng

Director of Keyboard Studies Associate Professor of Piano

Claire E Zitzow

Adjunct Professor Instructor
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