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Manage the staff and image of Auctus, requiring a high level of organizational and leadership ability

Managing Editors

Manage new submissions and publication logistics, particularly requiring an eye for detail

Section Editors (STEM, Social Sciences, Creative, Humanities, or News & Noteworthy)

Organize and manage a team of Section Reviewers by organizing Section meetings, casting the final vote of approval/rejection for submissions, and copy editing approved submissions

Section Reviewers

Explore all the interesting research projects done by undergraduates at VCU and decide if they should be published in the STEM, Social Sciences, Creative, or Humanities Section of Auctus

News & Noteworthy Writers (Journalists)

Interview and write about undergraduates and their involvement in research at VCU

Web Designer

Design and update the content of the Auctus website

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  • The Honors College
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  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Richmond, VA
  • (804) 828-0100
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