Brianna Perry // "Jacket" // October 2018
Dakota Becker // "Geometric Serendipity" // October 2018
Lucas Alexander // "A Flamingo Statue" // September 2016
Isabel Lee // "From Me to You" // September 2016
Stephanie Schapowal // "Meditations of the Machine" // September 2016
Elizabeth Farschon // "American Girls" // September 2016
Rachel Elder // "46.59 N, 16.45 E" // November 2015
Dylan Halpern // "Microfilm Fragmentation" // July 2013
Grace Huddleston // "The Lay of the Ley " // October 2013
Lili Un and Rana Rwaished // "Art in Translation: A Cross-County Collaboration " // August 2013


Thea Cheuk // " Submission or Subversion: Women with Shaved Hair in Media" // November 2018
Marina G. Green // " Women's Decisions about Mental Health Treatment in the Perinatal Period" // December 2017
Brianna Jackson // " Confucianism and Korean Dramas: How Cultural and Social Proximity, Hybridization of Modernity and Tradition, and Dissimlar Confucian Trajectories Affect Importation Rates of Korean Broadcasting Programs between Japan and China" // May 2017
Rachel Gingrich // " Pornography and Committed Relationships: How Pre-existing Factors within a Dyad Change the Effect of Pornography on Heterosexual and Homosexual Couples " // May 2017
Marisa Wood // " Cultural Appropriation and the Plains' Indian Headdress " // May 2017
Dakota Becker // "Analysis of the Progression of the Representation of Female Protagonists in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Shows Orphan Black and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Girl Power, Appropriated "Masculinity" in Conjunction with Femininity, Empowered Sexuality, and the Heterosexual Script " // April 2017
Francine Singson // " Colonialism’s Role in the Success of the Filipino Skin Whitening Industry" // April 2017
Gopika Hari // " Depression in Low-Income Adolescents: Guidelines for School-Based Depression Intervention Programs" // April 2017
Usha Raman // "Body Image Perception: Adolescent Boys and Avatar Depiction in Video Games" // October 2016
Alexander Burkard // "Homo heidelbergensis: The Tool to Our Success" // October 2016
Shammah N. Okai // "Effects of Perceived Stigma from College Friends on Students Utilizing Mental Health Services" // October 2016
Beau Coggsdale // "Can Student-Built GSAs Provide Positive Development for LGBT Youth in High Schools? A Review of Literature" // August 2016
Hirsh Shah // "Aftermath of the Hobby Lobby Decision: Implications for Women in the Workforce" // August 2016
Alexandra Frigerio // "The Effect of Hawaii’s Vast Diversity on Racial and Social Prejudices" // February 2016
Jon Tyktor // "Shares of the Great War Effort: Brazil’s Returns from the SecondWorld War" // April 2015
Christopher Smith // "The Last Mile of The Way: Soul Music and the Civil Rights Movement" // April 2015
Zach Hanson // "Russia’s Energy Diplomacy in the Baltic States " // October 2013


Tan Tran // "Speech Recognition Technology: Improving Speed and Accuracy of Emergency Medical Services Documentation to Protect Patients // May 2018
Faiz Plastikwala // "The Use of Rhyme, Rhythm, and Melody as a Form of Repetition Priming to Aid in Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval of Semantic Memories in Alzheimer's Patients // May 2018
Celia Wilson // "Breastfeeding as a Mechanism to Reduce Postpartum Depression with Weight as a Major Contributing Factor in Hispanic Women // February 2018
Shanmuka Gadiraju // "Reduction of Oxidative Stress and Storage Lesions (RCSL) in Red Blood Cells: Analysis of Ascorbic Acid (AA), N-Acetylcysteine amide (AD4), and Serotonin (5-HT) // February 2018
Kiranpreet Kaur // "Cataract Blindness: Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Treatment Barriers and High Blindness Rates for Women in Rural Regions of Andhra Pradesh // February 2018
Rebecca Aber // "Improving Health Literacy: Parental Medical Decisions Regarding Lower Extremity Amputations // October 2016
Andy Vo // "Feasibility of Integrating Tripterygium wilfordii into Modern Cancer Therapy for Increased Ef cacy with Minimal Toxicity // October 2016
Tamanna Sahni // "The Role of Patient and Physician in Establishing Patient-Physician Communication in the In-Patient Environment // October 2016
Shiv Patel // "Using Platelet-Rich Plasma after Surgery in Athletes // October 2016
Monica Grover // "Prenatal Nicotine Exposure as a Teratogen in Neurological Pathways // August 2016
Sohum Bhatt // "Capsaicin and Menthol: A Comparison of Treatments for Diabetic Neuropathy // August 2016
Nicolas Andrade // "InGaN LEDs for General Lighting: Overcoming Efficiency Droop at High Current Injection // February 2016
Parantap Patel // "An Investigation of the Efficacy of Curcumin for Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease // February 2016
Allison Beckmann // "Computer Simulation of Tooth Mobility using Varying Material Properties // November 2015
Roshni Malik // "The Induction of EMT and Activation of Adipose Stem Cells in Correlation with the Secretion of LTBP-1 in Mammary Cells" // November 2015
Hiren Kolli // "Examining the Relationship between Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide and Hypertension in Urban Areas in India: A Review" // August 2013

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