Honors and Awards

Our faculty have received numerous teaching and research excellence awards illustrating our commitment to education and research.

  • Dr. Sarah Spiegel won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the 6th International Conference on Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation, and Related Diseases!
  • Dr. Can Senkal became the Harrison Scholar of Cancer Research through the Massey Cancer Center!
  • Drs. Brian Wattenberg and Michael Maceyka won the Outstanding Department of Biochemitry Teaching Award and Best Teacher in the Scientific Foundations of Medicine Award!

  • Dr. Diegelmann won the 2018 Billy Martin Innovation Award!
  • Esra Mohamed won the prestigous ASN Neuro Award at the American Society for Neurochemistry Annual meeting!


  • According to the ACS, Professor Robert Diegelmann has the 20th most cited paper in Biochemistry, just behind a paper by a Nobel Laureate. Congratualtions, Bob!





  • Dr. Sarah Spiegel receives University Distinguished Scholarship Award.

  • Women in Science, Dentistry & Medicine Professional Achievement Awards, which recognizes strong role models and mentors for women was awarded to Sarah Spiegel, Ph.D.


  • Robert F. Diegelmann, Ph.D., was awarded the VCU School of Medicine faculty teaching excellence award.

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