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Financial Support

PhD Program:

Students applying to departmental, interdisciplinary, or the Open PhD program will be initially evaluated by program admissions committees using factors including undergraduate grade point average, scores on standardized tests (GRE, MCAT, etc.), and stated research interests and career goals.

Students identified as outstanding candidates for PhD training will be invited for an on-site interview during the Spring semester to allow them to visit with representatives of the PhD programs and interested faculty.

Candidates identified by the admissions committees and faculty interviewers as outstanding will be offered a stipend (currently about $23,200 per year) and a waiver of tuition costs.

Continuation of the stipend and tuition waiver will be contingent upon a yearly evaluation of the students academic and research progress in the PhD program.

Individuals interested in applying to the PhD programs are encouraged to submit applications by December 17.

Please note that funding may be also available from the department through research grants and/or training grants and international student exchange programs.

MS Program:

Students in the M.S. program do not receive financial support from the Department of Biochemistry Molecular Biology, although a student working on a thesis project can be employed as a research assistant on their advisors research grant. In addition, various forms of financial aid are available for graduate students through the University Services/Financial Aid Office. A form to request financial aid through that mechanism is included in the application package.

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