Evans Award

The Dr. Herbert John Evans Jr. Award

[View Image]Herbert John Evans, Jr., Ph.D., was a protein chemist and enzymologist who used proteins from snake venoms to investigate biological activity in the coagulation cascade, and his protein structure/function studies led to the identification and prediction of biologically useful peptides.

Dr. Evans joined the faculty of the Department of Biochemistry in 1974 and served for 24 years until his untimely death in 1998. In his memory, his colleagues and friends established the Herbert John Evans, Jr. Award.

Each year, our faculty present an award in Dr. Evans’ honor to the most outstanding senior graduate student in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It is hoped that the talented and conscientious student who receives the award will aspire to and excel at the same qualities of rigorous scholarship, honesty and diligence, which Dr. Evans valued.

Recipients of the Award

  • 2021: James David Hampton
  • 2020: Briana James
  • 2019: Karli Ann Mockenhaupt
  • 2018: Melissa Maciz
  • 2017: Angela Gupta
  • 2016: Michael Waters
  • 2015: Jessie Yester
  • 2014: Annamarie Dalton
  • 2013: Thomas Gallagher
  • 2012: Hoon Shim
  • 2011: Abir Murherjee
  • 2010: Tom Seegar
  • 2009: Regina Oseyana
  • 2008: Dayanjan Shanaka Wijesinghe
  • 2007: Marc Cantwell
  • 2006: JiaDe Yu
  • 2005: Jerry Basosila
  • 2004: Jean Lin
  • 2003: Ryan Mitchell
  • 2002: Yahya Al-Yahya
  • 2001: Sarah MacKinnon
  • 2000: Salwa Abdullah
  • 1999: John Alsobrook
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