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A Statement of Solidarity

We, the VCU Department of Biology, condemn the anti-Asian racism and hate crimes that have impacted our students, faculty, staff and the greater community. Recent racist violence was stoked by xenophobia and anti-Asian racism in part due to misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 virus and the pandemic. We express our solidarity and support for our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander students, faculty, staff and their families. We seek to build and sustain a scientific community where everyone feels welcome, respected and safe. Biology faculty and staff want to emphasize our commitment to creating spaces where our students can discuss racism and systemic oppression. Together, we will work toward a resilient, equitable world where justice is pursued.

For support and additional resources, we encourage VCU students, faculty and staff to contact University Counseling Services at (804) 828-6200.

Due to ongoing public health concerns, the Department of Biology offices are closed until further notice.  Please see the VCU Biology COVID-19 page for further information.

Students can reference the COVID era student resource guide for information on registration options and online learning.

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