Month: April 2018

Weft Faced Weavings

My high school students took their skills they learned from completing their neutral sample weavings and created vibrant colourful personal weavings.  Before the students began to weaving the final weavings I introduced the concept of abstract portraiture.  I asked the students to think of a way to use the techniques they had learned to create […]

Samples Samples Samples

I am currently teaching weaving at my high school placement.  I find that weaving has a real calming effect on students.  Once they learn the basic weaving techniques students easily create well crafted weavings.  One thing that really helped both my students and myself was creating a sample weaving.  Doing samples can be a bit […]

Class to Culture

I often find that many students bring their outside experiences into the art room. These experiences tend to be the building blocks and inspiration for their artwork.  Along with their outside experiences, societal norms have also helped shape the way they perceive and react to the world. At my secondary placement in High school, I […]

Taking Part in School Spirit Events

As a new teacher, I often felt myself feeling overwhelmed by the numerous responsibilities I had to take on.  Lesson plans, projects, and grading crowded my mind as I strove to be the most ultimate teacher ever (which will come in time)!   But be sure to take part in any school activities that give […]

It’s a Jolly, Holly, Holiday- The Importance of Free Draw

These may be a couple of months too late, but I couldn’t help but share these amazing drawings done by my 8th graders. Too often, some art teachers discourage and demote free drawing for the purposes of completing a project or covering a SOL—but free drawing is VITAL in the art classroom. Free drawn assignments […]

Traveling through the Savannah

I was completely thrilled to do a project centered around culture.  And with the current popularity of the mythical nation of Wakanda, I was even more so excited to take my 3rd graders on a trip to Africa! They created African sunset silhouettes that showcased their knowledge of value and warm colors.  We also discussed […]

Deep Blue Sea and Clay Coral Reefs

As a new art teacher who has never taught clay, I was a little ambivalent about how the process would go – middle schoolers are full of surprises after all.   Nonetheless, with only a few techniques, students can create a successful 3D project! With this project students learned about the nature of coral reefs and […]

Art Requires Movement! Fun Lessons That Get Students Out Their Seats

Teaching art in a secondary environment has been an extremely rewarding experience!  Although, working with a developing middle school population can have its challenges.  For many new teachers, keeping control of the classroom is the greatest priority and many equate this with confining students to their seats with little movement as possible.  Now a successful […]

Snap Chat Self-Portraits! Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary

I heard the muffled groans of my 8th graders as the words “self-portrait” came out of my mouth. I knew I had to do something. So instead of pulling out the dreaded mirrors or having my students draw grids, I told them something different… “Pull out your cell phones.”  Students were given the opportunity to […]

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