Month: May 2018

Visualizing Steps

A bulletin board I made to help keep students on task when it came to completing assignments. There were a lot of steps for this particular project, so having it visually planned out helped.

Large Scale Drawing

The students will tackle the beast of drawing large by producing a larger than life 6 foot drawing which incorporates foreshortening, high contrast values, and a self portait covering at least 3/4 of the page. This artistic problem is free and open as well. A balance of abstraction and realism is pushed with this assignment. […]

Gridded Collages

The students were  told to bring in 30 objects which they enjoy and dislike. They will create a collage of the items. I will then photograph their gridded collages. After covering their photo with a custom organic or geometric design, they will use observational tools to draw the image onto a final piece of paper […]

Mixed Media Fishtanks

The students created fish tanks using different mediums to talk about what they were making. For example, watercolors were used to paint the water, and oil pastels were used to draw plants. Pictures of water animals, as well as environments were shown to inspire them. Student got distracted and wanted to go to free time […]

Narrative Ceramic Vessels

Introduction This was the first project I started teaching at my middle school. I started with a large presentation about ancient vessels from Greece, China, Egypt and Pre-Colombian Peru. We discussed form and design and how you could use those things on the surface of an object like a vessel to tell a story/narrative. Building […]

Artist Research Ideas

I wanted to do an artist research project with my high schoolers, but I wanted to make it more interesting for both me and them. Research is a word that high schoolers hear all the time and groan loudly about, and I wanted this situation to be different.   I think artist research is incredibly […]

Mug Aesthetics

When you are working in the realm of functional art, you have more to think about than just visual aesthetic. You have to consider the user instead of just the viewer. My Crafts 3 class was starting a wheel-thrown mug unit. Before they started throwing, I thought it would be nice for them to interact […]

Reuse and Recycle- Glass

Ms. Agnew did a big Stained Glass unit with her Crafts 2 classes last school year. They all created patterns and cut and ground the glass pieces to fit the pattern, then soldered them into stained glass pictures. This project created A LOT of glass scraps. She had 6 bins of scrap glass in her […]

Recycled Material Quilts

For both of my placements I have created quilts. The materials I used for secondary are different but encouraged the same teamwork that a collaborative quilt calls for. With this project I brought it a ton of things that were going to get thrown away like magazines, outdated cookbooks, and old posters. I also had […]


I introduced a stop motion project with my digital media art class! The results were impressive and it was really fun to see the students reaction to their own work coming together. The students worked in small groups and they began by drawing out a storyboard. Following this task, the students were to create a […]

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