Month: November 2019

Guerrilla Girls and Graphic Design

On Fridays at my school, I see every class for a 40 minute session. I decided to do a “designer” spotlight on the Guerrilla Girls for my Graphic Design class. Many of the students have not taken art since elementary school, and none of them had heard of the Guerrilla Girls before. I showed them […]

Ms. V’s Daily Check in!

Check-ing In As Art Educators, we can only hope that every class will be full of student engagement, inspiration, and creative art-making. However,  as humans, we all have good and bad days; on good days, one can say we might feel overcome with joy, motivated, and ready to conquer anything... However, our wake up on […]

Fifth Grade – Spreading Happiness Through Printing

My fifth grade students seemed to be somewhat nonchalant when it came to art class.  I wanted to write a lesson, then, that would expose them to more kinesthetic materials that they may not have worked with before.  Because I try to incorporate as many found materials as possible in my art-making and classroom, I […]

Art 4 and 5: 100 words that describe your art practice

My goal with my Art 4 and 5 students is to help them grow to be more self-reflective through a series of homework activities in their sketchbooks. Several students are thinking about art school in the future, and, even for the students who aren’t, I think these activities will help them be more reflective in […]

Kindergarten – Building Community Through Environmentalism

My kindergarten babies, like me, were new to the school; so I decided to try and give them the opportunity to do something fun and practical.  My cooperating teacher was amazing and bought the classes some little pallets of pansies to plant.  We ventured outside during our second class meeting to plant the flowers in […]

Finding Comfort (Even in SECOND Grade!)

My second grade students had a huge feat ahead of them, and time only seemed to go faster! During our first class we discussed the topic of comfort, and I asked each student to share what brings them comfort, and to try and explain why?  Every student had the opportunity to share about their favorite bear […]

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