Creating a Patch – Showing Morality Through Imagery

My IB Art 10 class had the daunting task of creating their own symbol for a moral that they uphold in their life.  I wanted to specifically assign this project because these students are in the International Baccalaureate middle years program.  This program requires students to complete a rigorous workload that focuses on creating students who are multi-faceted learners.

The program itself often asks students to think “outside the box” for their many project assignments, so I decided to apply this aspect of learning in my classroom.

recycle patch design [View Image]

After sketching out a couple of different symbols that they could potentially use for their projects, the students participated in a class discussion of their ideas, and offered feedback on their ideas.  They used this input to make any necessary changes to their sketches before finalizing a design.  Once their symbols were finalized and clearly drawn, the students moved into the project creation.  They were given a short demonstration of how to transfer an image onto fabric, and followed along with a video to learn four basic hand stitches.

american flag patch design [View Image]

animal patch design [View Image]

The projects themselves remain to be finished (embroidery takes a lot of time!!), so I selected a few that were on their way to being a finished patch!

human figure patch design [View Image]

tree and sun patch design [View Image]

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