Putting On A Student Show

This was one of the most fulfilling and challenging parts of student teaching. I was fortunate to have the help of a dedicated student, and without her I would not have enjoyed coordinating this. It was held in the back part of the library, and I was able to reserve a room for the whole day. There were things I did well, and things I know now I need to improve for my next student show. 

What I did well was respecting my student aid’s time. This is due to her demanding schedule, more intense than my own with upwards of three AP classes. With any unpaid help, I want to make sure the bulk of their help is beneficial and educational for them. I tend to take on more of the ‘grunt work’ such as emailing parents, moving the art, getting snacks, and cleaning up. That being said, she was helpful with these as well, and went above and beyond blocking out time for the show, working on weekends, and staying for the duration of the exhibition.

What I need to improve on is timing. I am typically not a procrastinator, but while student teaching my timing suffered. It seemed I was nose to the grind, I looked up and time had closed in one me. Next time I plan on creating a table, and setting hard deadlines for myself. 

Hanging the work was enjoyable. I got to employ my gallery internship skills, and create an interesting flow of work. By matting some work, and hanging prints with binder clips, I had to make artistic decisions. I drew on shows I had seen, and enjoyed the format. I felt it was important to also provide information for the projects. This was both for the conceptual part, and technical processes. For one project I had student groups write their artist statement, and stressed the importance of providing the viewer with context. 

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The day of the show was so fulfilling. This was because having students show up with their friends and family, mingling, and pointing out their work made me so proud. Seeing all the work together showed me how much I had coordinated. I was proud of myself, thinking “I pulled it off. Look at all this. They did a great job”. I will take what I learned from this experience. I am planning to put a student show on at the end of my long term sub position next semester. The librarians were helpful and excited for the work, and it brings visibility, and greater support for the arts.

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