Weaving with Clay Looms

I was very excited to introduce weaving to my middle schoolers! We talked a lot about the rich history and practice of weaving, looking at representations of figures weaving in artwork from Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages in Germany, 19th century Japan, and the American Southwest. We also considered the role weaving plays in stories such as The Odyssey. We practiced weaving on paper plates, and in the meantime created our organic-shaped clay looms. By the time the looms were glazed and fired, my students were weaving pros and were ready to roll! We had to troubleshoot a few things like holes closing up during the firing process, but my students were engaged and persistent with what was a new technique for many of them.

glazed clay looms [View Image]

Freshly glazed looms!

finished weaving on clay looms [View Image]

Finished pieces!

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