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VCU Fire Prevention Through Education


I would like to draw your attention to – and congratulate – the entire team at the VCU Fire Safety Office for working with the Richmond Fire Department to develop a program called “Fire Prevention Through Education”.

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Under the leadership of Bill Willis, Assistant Director for Fire Safety, the whole team worked with the Richmond Fire Department to build a “Burn House” to highlight the need for sprinkler systems. The fire safety team worked with the Richmond Fire Department to build the burn room and prepare for the public news event.

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In what I believe to be a first for our department, Bill was interviewed by news 12 and News 8:

News 12: “Hard to put a price on your life”: Firefighters show off effectiveness of sprinklers

News 8: Richmond Fire hopes locals make ‘safe’ investment with sprinkler systems

Please join me in congratulating the whole team: Bill, Derek, Michael, Matt, Kurt, Tyler, and William. I can’t say enough how much we appreciate your efforts.

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As a final comment, I find Jessica’s choice of footwear for the event questionable from a safety perspective…


2 thoughts on “VCU Fire Prevention Through Education

  1. [View Image] dmunoz2 says:

    Great work fellas!!

  2. [View Image] mdcimis says:

    Great work and a fun project! Bill is officially a star and VCU gets some deserved community recognition.

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