April’s Well-Being Sessions

Monday, April 5th – 11 am

Eating Local: Reasonably, Feasibly, and Seasonally

(Presented by VCU HR and Stony Point Women’s Health)

Join VCU Health registered dietitian, Dana Henderson, and learn how to take advantage of the fresh and flavorful things from the earth this spring!

Register: Talent@VCU

Wednesday, April 7th – 1 pm

Healthy Numbers: Integrating healthcare into your retirement plan

 (Presented by VCU HR and TIAA)

Enjoying your retirement begins with your health. But are you budgeting for the costs of healthcare in retirement? Together we’ll cover the key ideas, trends and numbers you need to be prepared.

Register: Talent@VCU

Thursday, April 8th – 11:15 am

Core Exercises with Jasmine

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

Strength starts with the core. This class will help you build a more stable, powerful abdomen and lower back to improve fitness, straighten posture and provide a foundation for an active daily life.

Register: Talent@VCU

Wednesday, April 14th – 12 pm

Slow Flow Yoga with Hannah

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

In this Slow Flow class, you will practice about half the number of poses you might practice in a regular Flow class. The pace is meditative, emphasizing peace and calm in body and mind.

Register: Talent@VCU

Thursday, April 15th – 12 pm

Strategies for Eliminating Debt

(Presented by VCU HR, VCUHS HR, and Virginia Credit Union)

Learn helpful tips on how to reduce your debt through specific examples and strategies.

Register: Talent@VCU

Friday, April 16th – 12:15 pm

Financial Literacy Challenge with Kahoot

(Presented by VCU HR, VCUHS HR, and Virginia Credit Union)

Financial Literacy Challenge! Join us for a lively interactive test your knowledge game of KAHOOT! Participants can answer questions along the way at www.kahoot.it or using the Kahoot app on their mobile device. Kahoot is FREE and can be downloaded from the app store of your choice.

Register: Talent@VCU

Friday, April 16th – 12 pm

Healthcare Decisions Day

(Presented by VCU HR)

Join founder of Healthcare Decisions Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Nathan Kottkamp of Waller Law, on Healthcare Decisions Day! Healthcare Decisions Day is designed to raise public awareness of the need to plan ahead for healthcare decisions related to end of life care and medical decision-making. Learn about Advance Directives, the Virginia Health Care Directive Registry, DNR orders, and more!

Register: Talent@VCU

Tuesday, April 20th – 12:15 pm

Bodyweight Strength with Jess

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

Strengthen all of the major muscle groups in your body by participating in this Bodyweight Strength fitness class! With a focus on utilizing your bodyweight with high repetitions, participants will be guided through a series of exercises targeting the chest, back, arms, legs, glutes, and core. No equipment requirements, though a yoga mat is recommended.

Register: Talent@VCU

Wednesday, April 21st – 12 pm

Learn the Basics of When and How to Claim Social Security

 (Presented by VCU HR and Fidelity)

Join Fidelity and learn tips to help you make the right claiming decision on when to start collecting social security.

Register: Talent@VCU

Friday, April 30th – 12 pm

Exercise with Heart

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

Join Jess Norman, Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness, for an educational session about the basics and benefits of cardiovascular exercise. During our time together we’ll review the current exercise guidelines and discuss tips on how to meet them.

Register: Talent@VCU [View Image]

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