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Giving VCU employees the wellness resources they need to be healthy both on and off campus

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Funny Friday

Lightening + Thunderstorms

The DO’s and DON’Ts of lightning safety! Learn what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to lightning. More:

10 Ways to Deal With Relationship Fatigue

Whether at work or in your personal life, these tips will help you reboot your connections. Do you ever feel like shipping your loved ones off to relatives or disappearing into a federal witness protection program to get space from co-workers so you have time for yourself? You’re not alone. After the pandemic squeezed us […]

Motivational Monday

Funny Friday

How to Stay Healthy While Working a Desk Job

Millions of individuals worldwide have a typical 9-5 desk job. While sitting behind a desk for the most part of the day, the sedentary nature of your employment may leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. While it may seem tedious at first to adopt the changes necessary to stay healthy while working a desk job, […]

4 Decorating Tips For a Calm and Stress-free Home

An interior design expert explains how to design the space around you to promote happiness and serenity. By Radhika Mehra We have all walked into spaces we love and felt a distinct sense of serenity and harmony. A calming space can allow all of our sensory worlds to come alive but more often than not, we […]

Move It Monday

There’s no substitute for being outdoors. The fresh air, the sunshine, the cool breeze — it’s all invigorating, especially if you’ve been cooped up inside. This Monday, let nature be your gymnasium by adding some outside-activities to your workout routine. There’s no substitute for being outdoors. The fresh air, the sunshine, the cool breeze — […]

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