Does Exercise Boost Immunity? What to Know About Working Out Right Now, According to Experts

Use fitness to your immune system’s advantage—here’s how. By Mallory Creveling, ACE-CPT, April 16, 2020 You know how to protect yourself against the novel coronavirus by now—frequent handwashing, social distancing, and, to an extent, maintaining a balanced diet to keep your body as healthy as possible. But another important aspect of supporting your overall health […]

DeStress Monday

Be Mindful to Beat Unhealthy Cravings How to Use Mindful Attention to Focus on Positive Behavior Change Managing chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes requires a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and, in many cases, medication, but juggling all of these needs can be difficult, stressful, and mentally exhausting. Therefore, […]

Friday’s Funny

6 Tips to Reduce Your Daily Stress and Anxiety

There are two major reasons that for several decades more Americans become stressed, agitated and anxious — which in turn increases their daily physical stress, which itself in turn has led to the ongoing decades-long epidemic in stress-related disorders and diseases. The first reason is societal. As inequality rises, so do our fears about affording basic necessities — or if we’re relatively […]

Do you know about the 15% rule?

Savings and spending check-up 50/15/5. It’s a simple rule of thumb: 50% or less of your income should go to essential expenses, 15% to retirement savings, and 5% to short-term savings. As long as you stay within those guidelines, the remainder is yours to save or spend as you see fit. See how your actual savings and spending […]

Is There Any Safe Way to Socialize Inside This Winter?

For months, there’s been a relatively easy way to socialize safely during the pandemic: take it outside. But now, with cold weather creeping into many parts of the world, park picnics, socially distant walks and outdoor dining are about to get less appealing for lots of people. Experts have warned for months that indoor gatherings are prime […]

Motivation Monday

Tips for a healthier Halloween

1) Eat dinner BEFORE candy. 🍭 Don’t rely on 22 mini snickers bar 🍫 to stand in as a real meal. 2) Treat yourself and kiddos to lower sugar snacking options in place of loads of candy like animal crackers, chocolate rice cakes, chocolate chip granola bars, fruit strips, 🍓 Chex cereal+ mini marshmallows+ mini […]

Friday Funny

Try This 2-Second Trick to Double the Storage Size of Your Baggie

Wish that freezer bag was a bit bigger? Look no further. Some tips and tricks make you want to make your cookie sheets look like new again right now or inspire you to order a bag of zip ties ASAP. Other hacks impress you, but don’t incite immediate action. Instead, they live in your memory […]

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