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This page provides information about my research projects, course offerings and opportunities for graduate students.  You can also access some of my publications for download. Drop me an email if you have questions (pabukaveckas@vcu.edu).

News & Updates

I published two papers in 2019; one is a collaboration with colleagues at Klaipeda University in Lithuania and published in the Journal of Soils and Sediments (Volume 19, pages 2580-2593) .  We compared the composition and settling properties of suspended particulate matter in the James River Estuary and the Curonian Lagoon, which is Europe’s largest coastal lagoon.  We found that suspended particulate matter in the James was predominantly derived from soils in the watershed, and that algae contributed relatively little.  By contrast, suspended particulate matter in the Curonian Lagoon was predominantly derived from internal algal production.  This has important implications for consumers in these systems, including shellfish and filter-feeding fishes.

My other paper for 2019 was co-written with my recent Masters student Spencer Tassone.  Spencer has been a long-term member of my research group starting out as an undergraduate volunteer, then becoming a Masters student and finally a research technician.  He has recently started in the PhD program at UVA with Mike Pace.  Our paper is an analysis of over 800,000 dissolved oxygen measurements which we used to infer rates of ecosystem metabolism.  We show how production and respiration vary seasonally, inter-annually and among salinity segments.  We used both traditional (bookkeeping) and advanced Bayesian techniques to analyze these data.  The paper was published in Estuaries & Coats (volume 42, pages 1032-1051).

During the Fall semester I taught a new class on Water, which is a survey of limnology and oceanography.  In the Spring of 2020 I am teaching a course in Water Pollution.  During Fall 2020 I will be on sabbatical.  Water will next be offered in Spring 2021.

Dr. Paul A. Bukaveckas
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