Month: October 2018

Respond, Scam (10/5/18)

The following is a payment order scam. The scammer is posing as a fellow employee who is in a time crunch and needs some assistance with payment to a vendor. The scammer is hoping the false sense of urgency is enough to trick the victim to order some gift cards for them. Some signs that […]

EMPLOYMENT OPPORUNITY!!! – Scam, (10-3-18)

The following is a job offer scam. The scammer is posing as an employer with an opportunity for the victim. This is a scam, do not respond to the scammer and delete the email if you have received it. Some signs that this is a scam are the fact that the scammer are the non- […]

Mystery Shopper Position, Scam (10-3-18)

The following is a variation of a fake job offer scam. If your a long time reader, you might recall the Banana Boat Magnet Scam, this is a very similar scam. The scammer will pay the victim some money but ask the victim send over some of that money to a 3rd party vendor. The […]

Victim – [Old Password] , Scam 10/2/18

The following scam is a sextortion scam. The scammer in an attempt to appear more legitimate uses a former password, most likely found in a password dump. The scammer is hoping that the victim is going to be shamed into sending them money. The best course of action is to ignore and report this email, […]

Invoice Scam (10-1-18)

The following is a scam in which the scammer is posing as an VCU Health Systems employee. The scam appears to come from the VCU employee but actually is from another account. When you receive an email like this, the action to take is to message the person who allegedly sent the email via another […]

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