Fake VCU Health Interview (2/4/2021)

There are always new phishing attacks in our environment. Today we discovered a phisher who is impersonating a VCU health official. This phisher is pretending to offer a fake interview through Telegram. Always be on the look out for these types of scams. Details are below:

EMAIL ADDRESS: brian.thomas.vcuhealth00@gmail.com


Dear Potential Candidate

Your resume Online has been successfully reviewed and approved by the HR department and we believe you are qualified for the following positions:The positions available are: Logistics, Data Entry, Clerical Admin,Call center rep,Administrative Clerk/Assistance, Customer Service,financial Advisor,Jobs,Personal Assistant, IT JOBS and Sales..

The Hiring Department Mr.Robert Christian from (G&G Group of companies) has reviewed your resume recently submitted for Job seeking. Due to your Resume information and work ability the management has qualified you to be one of the eligible workers that will be joining our Team. There is an organized Training Program for hired Applicants and the position working hours are flexible, you can work as a Full-Time or Part-Time Employee, the Pay Scale is negotiable at $18.22/hour to $35/hour depending upon skill level.Medical and retirement benefits.”Working hours are flexible,all activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, i will assist you with any difficulties by email..

I believe you would be interested in getting more information about the location and duties, To an Online Interview via Telegram with the hiring team has been setup for you.

To proceed Please contact them via Telegram using this ID: ” Robertchris101 ”

If you do not have a Telegram Account kindly visit your App Store and get it downloaded there

This is your interview verification code: (HMC:2020) send this code to the Hiring Team as soon as you get connected on Telegram

If you have any questions on how to go about the process kindly send an email to the Hiring manager on this “Robertchris101”

Your timely response is appreciated.

Regards,From the Human Resources Dept.

Thank You!.. 🙂

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