Another Job Phishing Scam (4/14/2021)

Spring is in the air, and another job phishing scam is right around the corner. Although this time the scammer is using another EDU account. The scam is ‘the usual’. The scammer will offer you $500 a week for a minimal amount of work. The con: they will overpay you with a check and they will ask for the overpayment in the form of cash. The check will bounce in a couple of days. You will be down 500+ dollars and have to deal with the bounced check. The details of the scam are below.

From: Human resources <>
Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Service Request
To: <>

 Service Request # 343024 has been accepted as work order FO-486915 as of 04/14/2021.  The action requested is as follows: Dr. Andrew Ainsworth is in search of a student intern to work as a personal assistant, completing several telework tasks for $500/week.  If interested, please apply below and send your student ID, full name, major, address, best contact number, and alternate email. Please be aware that Junior and Senior students will be considered with priority at this time.
To apply, text requested information to- (801) 845-7227 

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