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Another Job Phishing Scam (4/14/2021)

Spring is in the air, and another job phishing scam is right around the corner. Although this time the scammer is using another EDU account. The scam is ‘the usual’. The scammer will offer you $500 a week for a minimal amount of work. The con: they will overpay you with a check and they […]

Job – Phishing Scam Impersonating (4/6/21)

There is a new job phishing scam going around. The phisher is spoofing a VCU email address – They are enticing students with a job opportunity, but don’t be fooled! The scam always results in you sending the phisher money. A picture of the scam is below:

Phishing Link via Text (4/1/2021)

We received a report that the following phishing text is being sent to VCU personnel. Please note – VCU will never have you validate your email via a text message. Lastly, when in doubt about an email you received – forward it over to the Information Security Office ( .

Scam – Richmond Business Award (3/11/21)

We all love to win awards. Especially when that awards applauds you for having an awesome library. Today’s scam is unique. They give you an award, but you have to buy your award for $150 – $200. See the email below for an example of the scam.

Tutoring Scam (2/22/2020)

There is always a scam running amuck and this is no new scam. The scammer is pretending to need tutoring services. Often the scammer will over pay using a check and ask for money back. The check will ultimately bounce and you will be on the hook for the money. Be vigilant and contact our […]

Fake VCU Health Interview (2/4/2021)

There are always new phishing attacks in our environment. Today we discovered a phisher who is impersonating a VCU health official. This phisher is pretending to offer a fake interview through Telegram. Always be on the look out for these types of scams. Details are below:

VCU Phone Number Spoofing (1/22/2021)

We’ve received several reports that a scam artist is spoofing the VCU phone number for nefarious purposes. If the scam artist cannot reach you, they will leave a voice mail and request that you call them back at a non-VCU number. Do not return the phone call. Remember: VCU employees will never call you to […]

Internship Scam (1/4/2020)

As we welcome the start of a new year, phishers are ready to send out scams. Our most recent scam is an internship scam. The email has the subject “Internship Work Order RM-4154 is Completed” and contains a PDF document that lists a job offer and a number to call (479)-888-XXXX. Don’t be fooled! There […]

Academic Integrity Scam Targeting Students (11/12/20)

Please be aware that the VCU information Security office has received notification of a scam that is targeting students. The scam involves the scammer stating that they have evidence that the victim is cheating on or in their classes. The scammer will provide photoshopped screenshots of emails that they have from Karen Belanger, the director […]

Fedex/USPS Phishing Text (11/4/2020)

We’ve seen a recent uptick in the fake Fedex/USPS/UPS Text messages. The scam works like this: you’ll receive a text message that appears to be from Fedex/USPS/UPS. The text message will contain a malicious link. This link will lead to a website which may appear to be a fake-amazon or other online retailer. The fake-website […]

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