Our commitment to the safety of our campus and communities

Dear students,

I hope you are well as we approach the start of Fall Semester 2020.

I know that this time has been challenging for you in many ways within our own, VCU and Richmond communities. At all times, we strive to maintain the university as a safe place for students to exchange ideas and engage with each other and the Richmond community. 

On July 26, Dr. Rao sent a message about events that occurred over the weekend. VCU supports free speech and students who protest peacefully. However, we recognize that the destruction and vandalism that occurred recently was different from the peaceful protests of the last few months. In that regard, I wanted to reiterate and highlight some of the resources in place that contribute to the safety and security at the University:

  • RAMSWay, walking route connecting key locations on the Monroe Park Campus, such as classroom buildings, gyms, libraries, residence halls and parking decks.
  • The LiveSafe Mobile App, where users can send VCU Police information 24/7 about crimes or ongoing incidents.
  • The more than 350 Emergency Reporting Telephone System (ERTS) phones, which provide a direct connection to the VCU Police Emergency Communications Center and identify the location of the call to the dispatcher.
  • The VCU Alert website, which displays information on current VCU’s current status, including inclement weather advisories, university closings, and other operational impacts to VCU and VCU Health. Anyone can sign up to receive text alerts on a cell phone, which will receive notifications about campus emergencies. 
  • University Counseling Services are available and can be contacted at (804) 828-6200.
  • The Dean of Students Office is available to help students who are struggling with academic, personal, or emotional difficulties. Their Safety and Support website has a list of resources available.
  • In accordance with federal Clery Act reporting requirements and in order to increase security awareness, the VCU Police Department publishes crime and security-related reports on this website.
  • The Health Promotion and Well-Being Center has programs and resources that empower students to practice safer and healthy behaviors, foster inclusive and diverse environments and advocate for systemic change.
  • The university announced this summer a new model for campus safety and well-being and welcome your feedback.

These resources are available throughout the year for all students. University staff are always standing by to support and care for students. The everyday safety of our students as they live in residence halls, dine at various locations on and surrounding campus and attend their classes is enhanced by utilizing these resources. 

Richmond is a large and engaged community that supports a free-flowing exchange of opinions and ideals. Peaceful protests and other events do happen and can provide students with the opportunity to experience the concepts they learn in their classes in action. We also understand there are many other ways to express opinions, including through voting, advocacy and community service. One resource available is VCU Votes, which is a network of VCU students, faculty and staff members dedicated to promoting voter engagement on campus.

Thank you for joining us in supporting safety and security while on campus. We remain committed to our mission of striving to provide safe, inclusive and well-maintained communities.


Reuban B. Rodriguez, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students

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