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This past year, as part of a consultant review of Technology Services, Web Services identified where each staff member spent their time.  There were six main areas: Web Services, Web Applications, Enterprise Portal, Directory Services, Mobile Web Services and Indirect.  Below is a graph representing the percentage of time the 11 member Web Services team spends on each area.

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Below is a chart of what each of the 6 areas represents:

Web Services:  Server management, Web CMS, Web Standards (Compliancy Review), VCU Home Page / Emergency Manager, Search (A-Z, Google Search Appliance), and User support.

Web Applications: Application Development [eCommerce, Students, Faculty/Staff, & University], Application Support, and User Support

Enterprise Portal: Liferay Portal application support, Portal gadget application development, and User Support

Directory Services: Manage eDirectory, CAS, Shibboleth, Account Management, and User Support

Mobile Web Services: VCU Mobile – Implementing existing modules, Creating VCU modules, and User Support

Indirect: Supervisory and Management

One-third of all time is spent providing direct customer support

Another way to look at time allocation is to look at the percentage of time spent in direct customer support.

Time User Support [View Image]
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