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We're ready to tackle your biggest brand challenge

You don’t have to wonder whether our students are ready for challenging assignments or demanding clients — they handle both before they graduate.

Each year, our students work with leading companies worldwide that partner with us to tackle real-world challenges. Students present their work and receive critique from executives at companies such as Ritz Carlton, Coke, Microsoft, Uniqlo, HBO, Google, Hilton and Lexus.

We invite you to partner with us through such assignments.

Why Partner?

Brandcenter students are trained to understand the power of unique brand experiences. They know how to research a category, how to identify target consumers and influencers, how to craft effective strategies and how to bring those strategies to life with brilliant concepts and executions.

They are also dedicated to creatively and strategically solving the problem your organization or company is facing.

Students are supervised by our faculty members, each of whom have deep, practical experience as leaders at top advertising and marketing firms.

Sponsor an Assignment

We have three different types of assignments, and we will work with you to decide which is best for your organization’s challenge. Each culminates with a student presentation of the deliverables to the client as well as faculty.

All-concentrations assignments

For broader brand challenges, interdisciplinary teams of students from all concentrations work to develop multi-faceted solutions, including strategic recommendations and creative solutions. They compete with other teams along the way.

Independent study assignments

Fourth-semester students in the creative brand management concentration choose a company to work with directly on a semester-long capstone project. As a partner, you assign the student a real-world, current challenge your company is facing to demonstrate their understanding of the role of a brand manager.

Concentration-focused assignments

For more focused challenges, partners can work with students in one or two concentrations. These projects tend to be more affordable and appropriate when a partner has specific needs, such as strategy, experience design or brand management.

Sponsored assignments must:

  • Provide real value for your agency/company and our students
  • Fit our curriculum
  • Serve as a quality learning experience for students
  • Provide an opportunity for portfolio pieces

Ready to partner?

If you're interested in sponsoring a project, please contact Ashley Sommardahl at asommardahl@vcu.edu.

Have a project that doesn’t fit the criteria? Post it as a freelance opportunity—just email us at brandcenter@vcu.edu with the scope of work, timing, pay, and how students can contact you.

Our sponsors

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